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“In our own woundedness, we can become a source of life for others”                              Henri Nouwen

We have all asked ourselves the following questions:

Do I matter?
Will anyone miss me after I am gone?
What Have I done with my lfie?

Beginning March 19th, we are beginning a series entitled:

The Search for Significance

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

A Life Changing Faith

The Concern of Faith

The Compassion of Faith

The Endurance of Faith

The Commitments of Faith

The Hope of Faith

The Walk of Faith


My desire is that these messages will:

  • Inspire you
  • Give you hope
  • Equip you for living life
  • Bless you

These messages are on our sites as podcasts. If you would like to download a particular message, send us a message with your request and we will make sure you receive your message.

If you should have any questions concerning something you heard in one of these messages, please contact me at

May God bless you as you listen to these – Pastor Ron

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