Welcome to Birmingham International Church

Whether you are searching for a church home or just beginning to consider the claims of Christ, we think that Birmingham International Church can be of help and encouragement to you! We are committed to creating an atmosphere where people can experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God’s people from around the world.

Our desire is to provide people with the practical help required to apply their faith to their roles and responsibilities at home, work, school, church and the community. All of this is done in the context of a very diverse church community. Through the worship services, activities and groups that make up Birmingham International Church, there will be opportunities for you to join together with people like you.

Whether you come as an invited guest, have just moved into the area, or are looking for a church that you can call home, we hope that this information will help you become a part of Birmingham International Church. Our hope and desire is that his would be a place where you can grow in your understanding of God’s purposes and plans for you.


Pastor Ron

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