Let’s Talk

Let’s face it – life is complicated! Turn on the news and we see our politicians talk about each other in very unprofessional ways. On social media, things are said that would rarely be said in public or to the person we are talking about. Civil discourse – talking politely – is almost a thing of the past.

Our “Let’s Talk” series is designed to create an environment where we can discuss difficult topics and feel good when we are done. Not because we agree, but because we actually  tried to talk and understand each other. In the process of our “conversations” we will consult the Bible to see How God’s Word can guide our discussion.

We invite you to come for a stimulating time – Let’s Talk

March 3 at 10:00am                       Let’s Talk – Race Relations


Seating for these is limited. Cost is $5 per person. Please call the church or email us with your desire to attend and for which topic. Please also click the link associated with the session you wish to attend to help us track how many people are attending each session.

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