About The Christian & Missionary Alliance

Birmingham International Church is part of The Christian & Missionary Alliance. The word “Alliance” describes us a group of people from a variety of church backgrounds who have come together to take the ultimate adventure – personally experiencing the reality of Christ and helping others experience Him as well.

C&MA missions was born in the heart and vision of our founder A.B. Simpson to “make disciples of all nations”. At the outset, in the late 1800’s, our missionaries evangelized because there were no indigenous churches. The few converts of the early years have now grown into  fast maturing national churches around the world, represented by the Alliance Fellowship. It is this worldwide family of overseas churches – 10 larger overseas than here – that constitutes the the greatest testimony to The Christian & Missionary Alliance.

What Others Say About Us

“The C&MA is a mission first and a church second. Since the days of A.B. Simpson, Alliance missionaries moved around the globe with a burning compassion to reach lost men and women with the gospel. Congregations arose in the U.S. and Canada primarily to support missionaries.”                           C. Peter Wagner

“In Evangelical mission executive circles, the C&MA is well respected as one of the leading mission minded denominations.”                 Edwin Frizen

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